New Pools & New Pool Surface Care
First and foremost if you have not called us to care for your new
pool or new pool surface, PLEASE BE SURE YOUR POOL TECH

If you do not have an experienced pool tech caring for your new
pool or new pool surface, you are headed for an expensive
adventure SOONER than you would like.  

Keep in mind that your pool tech should NOT keep your chlorine
reading super strong all the time.  If they are not leaving you slips to
let you know your readings, we strongly suggest you request them

Just to help educate our clients and/or future clients, here is some
helpful chemical ranges to make sure your pool surface gets the
care it needs to ensure it lasts its full intended life.
CHLORINE:  2 - 4 ppm
pH LEVELS:  7.2 - 7.8  
  (Ideal)  7.4 - 7.6
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residential pool equipment repairs and/or replacements.  Heaters, Salt Cells, Filtration,
Pumps, Motors and Automation.  Servicing Bradenton, Sarasota and sourrounding areas.
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